Whether it is necessary family time, a heartfelt escape, or a couple’s trip, staying in a vacation rental is consistently a superior choice than a hotel. There are countless types of get-away rentals to choose in order to have the best vacation experience: luxury houses, townhouses, cabins and lodges, condos by the beach, and more! Vacation rentals are also the best and most fun choice for multigenerational family travels, including more choices for accommodations for a lesser price. Below are a few reasons why staying at a vacation rental is much better than a hotel.

Vacation Rentals Save Money

You may think the cost of a Vacation Home is too expensive for your family, but you can often rent a vacation home for the same or less than the cost of two hotel rooms and have much more space for everyone to spread out. A vacation rental (with much more space, special amenities, and privacy) costs less than a hotel for one night when you’re traveling with a large family or groups of friends. Plus, parents, kids and friends can each have their own bedrooms – no more sharing!

Room For Everyone To Spread Out

Did you know typical hotel rooms are only 325 sq ft big? A vacation rental on the other hand can be as big or small as you would like. Cruises and long road trips with a big family might seem fun, but the cramped quarters of a hotel room, cruise cabin, or the car for 12 hours can be a little too much for everyone involved. If you really want to have a vacation that feels like a “vacation” consider renting a house. Check our featured developments here.

Private Pools

What else can we say. Having a private pool is a great perk to renting a vacation home in Southwest Florida. It’s also a safer way to spend time under the sun without sharing a pool with other guests.

Most vacation rentals are kid and pet friendly

Depending on the property you choose, it may provide all those extra amenities (free of charge) that you will be hard pressed to find in a hotel room, such as board games, bikes, kayaks and videos and so much more. Pets are family too. Many rental properties offer travelers the option of bringing their pet.

Get the local scoop

We want our guests to have a true local experience. We are eager to share our insider tips on the best restaurants, outdoor activities, and must see places to visit, while hotels will likely provide third party info. Visit our blog page to learn more.

Access to free laundry facilities

Not all vacation homes have washer and dryers, but most do.  If a washer/dryer is important to you, be sure to confirm with the owner when booking your vacation.

Privacy, privacy, privacy

Having your own space during a vacation is the safest way to travel at the moment. Without other guests coming and going, not to mention hotel staff and room service, you’ll have much more privacy in a vacation rental. Being able to enjoy your vacation without prying eyes or noisy floors is a benefit that might not be at the top of your list, but you’ll be incredibly thankful you have it.

Cook at home

Most rentals provide a well-equipped kitchen. This is a great advantage when trying to safe time and keep down your vacation expenses (especially when traveling with kids). You choose how much to eat in or out, while at a hotel, you have to always eat out: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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