According to Forbes, local markets around the country are heating up for second homeownership this year, prompting some people to contemplate entering the vacation rental sector with the help of a short-term rental management company.

If you’re one of these people, there are a few things you should know before you begin. You’ll want to think about how you want to present your property to potential tenants. Having a flawless operation, from employing property managers to implementing automated processes, boosts the chances of tourists leaving glowing five-star reviews on your listings. Your professionalism and attention to detail could mean the difference between turning on or off the virtual vacancy light.

We’ve put together a few tips for first-timers to consider before listing or buying a vacation rental home.

Review Other Vacation Rentals First

The best way to learn about vacation rentals, is staying in one. Looking at different listings, going through the renting process, and finally experiencing the stay, will provide the complete insight.

Staying at a vacation rental will not only give you the tenant’s perspective, but it will also help you learn more about different locations, communities, and the housing market. You can also discover the quality of service and experience you can provide to your tenants.

Not sure where to start? Check out our vacation rental listings here.

Consider hiring Vacation Rental Management Services

Self-management, or rent-by-owner, isn’t the ideal option for everyone. You may be short on time, unclear on how to run a short-term rental business, or simply don’t want to deal with the job. Hiring a professional management business can assist an owner deal with their initial round of reservations by relieving them of the stress of dealing with visitors, maintenance, and cleaning contractors.

Instead of managing your rental, look for vacation rental management services. These services assist with listing and marketing, maintaining your property, attending to tenants, and providing the best customer service.

The Holiday Life helps homeowners throughout Southwest Florida. Reach out to see how we can help with listing your home.

It’s all in the details

Today’s travelers have more options than ever before, thanks to an abundance of websites and listings. Hosts must have a professional online listing that highlights the property’s qualities, including lots of information about the location and facilities, as well as high-quality professional images. And a few additions can make a big difference. Consider what you’d like to have while renting your home, and make it available to your visitors.

When considering a short-term rental, keep in mind that people like a personalized experience. After all, they picked this adventure over staying in a hotel. Welcome cards or baskets filled with treats expresses gratitude for their choice. These thoughtful gestures make your visitors’ stay more memorable, increasing your chances of a glowing online review.

Specially in Naples and Marco Island, attentive owners usually provide items like beach chairs, beach toys, inflatable toys, beach towels, boogie boards and more. Read all about the amenities the Holiday Life offers to their guests here.

Consider Home Upgrades

When remodeling your home or looking to purchase a vacation home, consider investing in the facilities that will benefit your listing. Many homes in Naples and Marco Island come with pools. They provide tenants with a relaxing way to cool down after a day in Florida. Adding a pool will improve your listing and help you get a better deal.

Upgrades to your home, such as a remodeled kitchen, will also boost your listing. The more capabilities your rental provides, the more tenants you will attract.

It’s critical to establish a comfortable and convenient area for any guest when arranging your vacation rental. Begin by creating a base canvas with traditional, clear lines and color palettes. To appeal to a wide range of tastes, use design discretion and neutrality.

Want Help with Short-Term Rentals?

Some people turn their homes into short-term rentals when they go on vacation, while others buy a second property as a full time investment. Vacation rentals provide steady cash flow and it’s such a rewarding investment.

The Holiday Life started in 2013, offering high quality, well-managed, and easy to reserve rental properties in Naples, Florida. Everything about short term vacation rentals had to be learned. This is not the easiest business, but with very hard work, long hours and true entrepreneurial spirit – dreams become reality! If you’d like to learn more, we are happy to help.

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