Naples and Marco Island are known for their gorgeous white sand beaches, year-round warm weather, nightlife, and of course the best dining and shopping. The Sunshine State is the perfect location for a vacation or just a weekend getaway! Sometimes it can be hard to know what to pack, so we’ve created the complete must-have list when visiting Naples or Marco Island. Be sure to bring your sense of adventure or be ready to relax under the sun!


Sun hat or visor

Sandals or flip-flops

Comfortable swimsuits


Comfy walking shoes

Loose, light-weight clothing

Umbrella or poncho


Anti-frizz hair spray

Bug spray

Wildlife/bird-watching book

A book to read at the beach

Beach Bag


Packing Tips:

Sun Protection, Moisturizer, and Aloe Vera

The Sun in Florida is beautiful but it’s also brutal if you don’t come prepared with some sun protection. What you need to remember is no matter how cool or breezy it is, the sun is still affecting your skin. Always remember to bring lotion with a high SPF and reapply as directed. We also recommend taking a large umbrella or tent that can keep out the wind and the UV rays during beach day. Bring some aloe vera for the end of the day just in case too.

Refillable Water Bottle

Even if you just had breakfast or lunch before you hit the beach, that doesn’t mean you should not have a water bottle with you. Come prepared with a well-stocked cooler of snacks and beverages for the beach life and warm weather.

Seasonal Clothing

For summer, a light cardigan or button-down shirt can turn your beachwear into a night outfit for chilly air-conditioned spaces. In the winter, wear a tank top underneath a long-sleeve pullover so you can easily transition from sunny afternoons to cool evenings.

Be Prepared to Battle No-See-Ums

Also known as sand flies, No-See-Ums are bugs so small you can hardly see them. They come out right after sunset and can fly through screens and can cause small itchy bites. Be prepared to tackle them and keep them at bay with a locally made no-see-um spray!

Check back often, there’s always more to discover!

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